The future of shows with Apps4Show

Today, spectators tend to bring their smartphones more and more during a performance. Apps4Show gives you a solution by proposing different interactions with the audience’s smartphones using innovative techniques to captivate the public and produce unprecedented effects that will make them say “wow!”

With Apps4Show, the spectator attends a real interactive show.

Innovative Concept
Infinite possibilities
Infinite possibilities
Mastered Technologies
Mastered Technologies

Breathtaking effects

Through exclusive use of technology and audience’s participation, the show literally lives in the palm of the hand of the spectator, via his smartphone

Interactions for your connected show

Light games, atmosphere changes, the possibilities are unending with Apps4Show. Plunge the spectator into full immersion.

Make the audience participate in musical shows thanks to sound interactions. Play sounds, noises
and instruments: endless combinations are possible!

Using interactions, let the public decide the story of the spectacle as the plot unfolds. A unique story for a unique connected show.

Improvise a giant karaoke with the spectators by broadcasting live the lyrics of your songs on their smartphones.

Offer an unprecedented audiovisual experience with image sharing between the public and the stage.

A souvenir selfie? It’s totally possible with Apps4Show! Take a selfie with your audience
while on the stage then share it automatically with them at the end of the show. Thus they will
be able to keep it or share it on social media.

Make every performance of a show unique by adding interactions with the public has never been so easy. The possibilities offered are almost infinite, the only limit is the imagination of its creator…

The I.T. at the service of the connected show

MIDI control

You want to discover all the possibilities offered by our connected and interactive show technology?

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